ARBT Modular technology has been tested and approved by the Singapore Government for upto 20 stories and comply with Australian Building codes.

Our fully automated robotic factory in Dubai can produce upto 24 modular units in 24 hours.

We have over 10 years of experience in Modular construction and have proven the technology over 150 residential units in Brisbane, Australia. One of our latest project in Brisbane was a 10 storey service apartment for Best Western Hotels that was installed in just 21 days.

Our team’s experience includes extensive modular class 2 and 3 Type A Developments from procurement and management to providing compliance to local regulations and we are involved in all phases of the project from inception, design, manufacture, installation and defect rectification.

ARBT’s manufacturing efficiencies allow for far reduced labour costs, faster output, safer and healthier working conditions and rigorous quality control.

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